12th Annual Soweto Career Day & Expo 2019

By Soweto Career Expo

Date: 20/05/2019

The upcoming 12th Annual Soweto Career Day & Expo 2019 is scheduled to take place on the 23 & 24 May 2019 at the Diepkloof multi-purpose hall, Soweto.

The 12th Annual Soweto Career Day and Expo 2019 has adopted  the "Send me" campaign that  our president Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa instils in us and aligned ourselves to the Youth Employments services initiative and the upcoming job summit..

Our Theme will be around the Career awareness and employability and we have invited speakers to address the professional from the education, training, recruitment and human resource sector including our youth. This event is set to be largest careers, employability and Recruitment Expo, dedicated to finding solutions for high levels of unemployment in Gauteng.

South Africa requires a skills revolution to equip our young people with the know-how required to participate and compete successfully in the modern global economy and the unfolding fourth industrial revolution, which is being driven by rapid advances in digital and other technologies.

Young South Africans need to be trained in a range of emerging new disciplines from computer sciences and biotechnology, to nanotechnology, coding, robotics and artificial intelligence. Research chairs focused on these emerging 21st century technologies should be established at our higher education institutions to give our economy the skills and dynamism it needs to be competitive.

This year, Career’s Inc has partnered with Intouch Africa, a specialist sponsorship marketing and events project management consulting agency that has grown our vision for the Career Expo. The event is not just a careers expo but also a deeper look into the employability skills that are needed in South Africa.

The Gauteng Youth Skills and Employability Indaba is dedicated to finding solutions for high levels of unemployment in Gauteng. It is dedicated to influencing and assisting youth and students across Gauteng to align their career choices and skill sets with local and global employment demands.

The Indaba will also provide an excellent networking opportunity for private and public sector delegates to exchange valuable developmental concepts to assist our youth to gain access to employment and development opportunities in Gauteng.

This Indaba will be part of the Soweto Career Day and Expo, which is celebrating its 12th year of empowering the youth of Soweto with career guidance through its expo that has already been attended by over 55 000 scholars and youth to date, and has been supported by over 200 corporate & government departments.

The indaba therefore seeks to deal with those many issues and create a platform for human resource managers from corporate and government, training institutions, training facilitators, universities and recruitment agencies to connect and all work together to deal with these challenges openly in order to create a working methodology to accelerate employment in Gauteng.

Soweto Career Day and Expo


The Soweto Career Day and Expo has proven to be successful over the years now seeing the 12th Annual Soweto Career Day & Expo 2019. This exciting expo covers a broad spectrum of careers available in different industries and Sectors in South Africa. This day proves to be an eye opening experience to grades 10 to 12 learners and the unemployed youth from and around Soweto.

The Expo creates a platform for our underprivileged youth to interact with major employers, training and development organisations including Government where they provide insight on their industries.

Educational institutions play a great part in the expo where they outline their entry requirements, enrollment procedures, course information including costs and bursars available. Our youth get to understand what courses are critical to explore in this ever changing market and talent place.


Fact: Started in 2004

Annual event started in 2007 to date| 35000 Learners Grade 11 & 12|5000 Unemployed youth



Exhibitors Profile

260 exhibitors | 25 Government Departments | 45 Colleges |10 Universities

|10 Ngo’s | 90 Corporate's | 15 Government Agencies

Please contact me for more information on how to get involved.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you.

Kind Regards

Simphiwe Vilakazi

Manager: School Outreach

Careers Inc

Soweto Career Expo


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