Class 6e sleepover

Author: Matila Williams

On the 21st of February 2019, the class 6e had a sleepover. Our class met at the swimming pool at 15:45 pm. We swam until 16:30 and then went back to the classroom to get changed. We snacked on donuts and danced to music. Then we ordered pizza, gobbled it up quickly and we went and played games like truth or dare. It was dark by then, so people were giving each other frights and giggling at the victim’s reaction.

We eventually hiked up to the cafeteria and roasted marshmallows, made s’mores and gave each other more frights. At about 22:30, we trudged down to our classroom at prepared ourselves for bed. Most people were asleep from about 00:30. The last people asleep fell asleep at about 04:00. Everyone was awake by 06:30, as it was already lighting up. For breakfast was croissants (brought by a parent) and watermelon.

The class sleepover was so much fun, and I would like to thank Frau Mols on behalf of the class.

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