Cyber bullying- be cyber safe!

Do you use Facebook, Instagram, twitter, reddit, WhatsApp, YouTube or Well then, you know the way it works. You take a picture or a video, and then you post it, and people can like it. Seems pretty harmless, right? But, people can comment on your posts. Then the trouble comes in. Let's say, you post a picture of yourself and your best friend, and you are having the best time ever, until you look at your phone in the morning, and see that someone has written a rude comment like "your nose looks big" or "you look fat in that photo". That doesn't make you feel good, nor does it make anyone else feel good.

This is an example of cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is one of the biggest problems in our modern world. It's not nice and it's even against the law. On Tuesday, 31st July, we had a guest speaker, who showed us how we feel empathy, by telling us all to stand up and then she said "all boys sit down". She continued with this (saying things that she liked e.g. if you dislike netball, sit down.) until there were only 2 girls left. Then she gave them chocolate. She said "I picked them because they are like me." Everyone else thought it was really unfair.

Everyone needs to help put a stop to cyber bullying, otherwise the internet will be a miserable place

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