Author: Nikoletta Zatcarnaia

Are you interested in dancing? Well then, this is for you! Dance Mouse is a very good extra mural for students that are interested in dancing.

Here is a participant Constanza Oliva Gonzalez commenting on Dance Mouse: ‘’I enjoy it very much because I really like dancing. I started last year in Term 3, I found out about it from my two friends Anouk and Erin, they told me about Dance Mouse, so I just HAD TO join! There all sorts of different dances and I also think that the teacher is a very, very good teacher, you can learn a lot from him he’s also really fun.’’

Does that not sound convincing?  Also: NO DRESS CODE, you can request songs, you don’t have to tie your hair…etc…


-On Thursdays


- Dance types: Hip Hop, Freestyle, Hip-Tap, Rock ’n Roll, Latin American, Breakdancing, Gymnastics, Cheerleading Basics

- Grade 0-7

- http// (Register online)

- Head office:

- Phone numbers: 083 373 2328/ 083 393 1505

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