Eco Rangers: What we do and why

Author: Gabriella Viljoen

Our world is dying. Pollution is taking over, animal’s habitats are being destroyed. Rivers and oceans are being contaminated. We need to put a stop to this, and you can help.

Eco Rangers is our pathway to a healthy, clean and pollution-free school leading to happy students. DSK is already an eco-friendly school, but can we take it to the next level? Of course we can, with a bit of time and a lot of effort.

What we do and why:

At Eco Rangers we do what’s best for the environment. We’ll do whatever it takes to restore our world; the world won’t save itself. Take plants as an example: people are beginning to care less and less about them and more and more about money. They have even started ripping down forests and blowing up mountains for coal. We need to step in. That’s why at Eco Rangers we plant as much as we can. Our soil supply is also running out. It takes years and years to form precious topsoil. That’s why we are also doing a worm/compost farm. We are also big recyclers.

 Recycling is essential to a clean world. Here are a few ways we can recycle: Eco-bricks. One makes an Eco-brick by filling a plastic bottle with plastic pieces such as ice-cream wrappers, plastic bags etc. Some recycling projects make houses with them (hence the name).

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