Killer Frosts Dark Backstory

Author: Tyron Auras

Catlin Snow aka Killer Frost has one of the darkest backstories.

She used to be one of the greatest Scientists of America, but a tragic lab accident lead to her strange powers. The bad thing about her power is that her body heat goes down really quickly. So she has to touch people to observe their heat turning them to ice statues. Her power made her almost an invisible villain until Batman convicted her to join his Justice League of America where she dropped the Killer part of her name and tried to be a Hero.

Evan though Frost became good a part of her remained evil. That part is Killer Frost number two in a dimension identical to the DC one. A dimension where Joker turned Superman evil by forcing him to kill his pregnant wife, and him and Lex Luthor are allies. A dimension where Killer Frost has planned to murder the planet at Superman’s side. A Universe where Super Heroes have become villians.

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