Massive heat wave in Northern Hemisphere

Not only are we suffering with the drought in our side of the equator, but the Northern Hemisphere has had a record-breaking heat wave this summer!

The heat wave hit most of the Northern Hemisphere: I was in England for 10 days this July, and in London the temperatures reached up to 33° Celsius! 

In Japan, 96 people were killed because of the heat, and thousands of elderly people were seeking medical attention. This number is estimated to rise by 170% by 2080. The temperatures were said to have risen above 41° Celsius.

In Greece, wildfires kept on igniting, claiming 82 lives. This is Europe’s most deaths this year. Meanwhile in the Sahara Desert, on July 5, the thermometer read 51.3° Celsius. This was said to be “highest temperature recorded in Algeria by reliable instruments”.

On the coast of Oman, on the Arabian Peninsula, the temperature never fell below 42.6° Celsius, even at night! 

 Most people have probably guessed it. This is a result of global warming! And to think Donald Trump doesn’t believe in it, even when it is happening in his country... 

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