Premed Projects

Dear Students,

This summer Premed Projects have a range of 1 or 2-week projects for all students considering a career in healthcare. Whether it be Medicine, Nursing or Dentistry, you are thinking of applying for,  these courses will teach you everything you need to know before you enter university, help you decide if a career in healthcare is really for you and give you some outstanding work experience to help you secure a place.

The courses are open for all students aged 16+ and take place in either London, UK, Bangkok, Thailand or Delhi, India. 

Each course has 30 students attending from all over the world and everyone is the same age and has an interest in healthcare so it's a great social project too. 

This summer dates run all summer so just visit where you can find out all the information and see all of the available dates too. 

Best Wishes 

Jasmine Little 

The PremedProjects Team

15 Queen Square Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 8AJ UNITED KINGDOM


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