We have TWO exciting announcements!

CodeSpace will be running a tech camp during the June/July holidays for high school learners in Grades 10 - 12. This one-week intensive holiday programme camp will be hosted at UCT by the UCT School of IT. Find out more here:

At the camp, learners will have the opportunity to:

- Work with innovative technologies, including Arduino Robotics and Sonic Pi

- Learn about career opportunities from professionals in the industry

- Meet and collaborate with like-minded individuals, while working towards solving real-world problems

DATES: The camp will run from 1 - 6 July, from 9am - 3pm (except Saturday).

COST: The camp cost is R2500, but scholarships are available.

HOW TO APPLY: Learners can apply online here and pay the deposit to reserve their spot.

Alternatively, learners can apply for a scholarship by attending a free Admissions Day. They can get a ticket for an Admissions Day here.

If you would like more info on the Tech Leaders Camp, we are more than happy to drop off posters and flyers at your school. We can also come to your school and present an info session to students free of cost. The students will also be able to take an offline coding-aptitude test. We can then give you the names of students that we feel should be encouraged to attend the camp. Please let me know if you would like to request this.



CodeSpace has recently launched high school robotics classes. These classes teach programming using Arduino Robotics, and learners will be working with actual robots, learning about both the coding and engineering aspects of robotics. If you are interested in introducing robotics as an extramural or in-class subject, please let me know, or apply here.

Alternatively, learners will be able to attend weekly robotics classes hosted at UCT, which CodeSpace will be offering from July onwards. Learners are encouraged to attend the Tech Leaders Camp during the holidays, and then continue with the robotics curriculum in July. As with the camp, scholarships will be available for the robotics classes.

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