The mariana trench

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Author: Victoria Trudoux

Most people know that space is one of the worlds biggest mysteries….but why don’t we look at earth? Like the Bermuda triangle? Or… something more…unexplained? Take the Mariana trench,for example: it is the deepest part of the ocean on earth…. But we just…don’t really know whats down there.

The first people ever to go down there were Don Walsh, and Jaques Piccard.

People claimed that Walsh and Piccard saw a weird animal, at about 25.000ft underwater, they saw a glowing, flying saucer, looking animal.

Another claim is that there is a Megalodon living down there and locals near there have giant shark teeth found ashore from time to time, but if they are “extinct”….than what is really living down there?

Passengers on ships also see an awful big splash from time to time….

but no one has really figured anything out…

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