The Metal Straw

Author: Victoria Tredoux

What are metal straws, you may ask?

Well, they are exactly like your average straw, but…better, better for the environment and yourself.

I Chose metal straws because, they are more durable than bamboo straws, and because I have one myself so I can give better feedback, and opinions on why you should get this straw instead.

Plastic straws, (according to Eco at Heart) have BPA in them, which gives you health problems, like heart and brain disorders, and an increased risk of cancer. Not only do they give you health problems, but also environmental problems, like more plastic in the ocean, which won’t make our Earths health state any better.

It’s easy to clean. the metal straws have an included, “teeny brush” that makes the straw easier to clean.

Easy to move around with. Metal straws don’t break easily, unlike the glass and bamboo straws, and have high durability!

There are many more reasons to get metal straws, but overall, we have learned that they are better for the environment and for yourself.

So why don’t you give one a try?

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