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What has happened to the Multifunction Court?

Author: Josua Wenzel 11b

One of our newer additions to our school’s sports facilities, is our multifunction court- or at least it was. During the winter holidays the surface of the court was removed and all that one can see now is black tar. What happened? Why has nothing been done after the court was stripped of the flooring? Will the court be replaced with something else? These questions are the ones that I will answer for you.

The multifunction court as seen from the multifunction room

Herr Kirmse was so kind as to answer all my questions regarding this matter. A report initiated by the school as well as experts from the company who put down the flooring in the first place, suggested the tearing up of the multifunction court covering. The reason for this suggestion was that, amongst other issues concerning the quality of the flooring, the floor of the multifunction court had started developing cracks. In the framework of the warranty, Synsport, which is the company, which is responsible for the flooring, is now working on the renovation of the multifunction court. But why is it taking so long to put new flooring in? 

The first thing that has to be done is to close up the cracks that have developed in the base and prepare the foundations appropriately, so as to prohibit root growth in the court. After that experts from Germany have to come to inspect the court and if satisfied, they will give the “good to go” signal for the resurfacing. A 2-4 months waiting period might also have to be implemented in order to see whether any floor movement is observed. Once this long process has been completed the actual flooring can only be put down when the weather conditions are suitable. These conditions are temperatures above twenty degrees and a specific low humidity percentage. The court will be functional somewhere between October 2019 and April 2020, according to the estimations made by experts. Seeing as it has been raining in the past few weeks, I would assume that the latter date will be more realistic. So until the students of the DSK will be able to play sports on the court again, they will have to wait a bit. But seeing as we have a new sports hall, having space to play sports should not be a problem.

Thank you, Mr Kirmse, for yet again answering all of my questions willingly.

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