A girl and her bear

Nobody likes to be alone

Especially at night

In the deep dark forest

Which is full of frights

I’m going to tell a story

Of a little girl 

As innocent as a kitten

Her hair, all in curls

One day in the forest

The girl was collecting berries

There was a rustling in the trees

And she dropped all her cranberries

She fell to the floor

Collecting the fallen fruits

The rustling came again, but louder

And an acorn fell in her boots

Acorns kept on falling

And the girl followed their trail

But she went to deep into the forest

When she realised, she started to wail

She sat down on the floor and wept

But a bear heard her cries

He huddled up to the little lass

And was kind, despite his size

He took the girl to his little cave

Where she sat down on a rock

He gave her food and water

And he dusted her frock

Then he took her out 

To look at the stars

On top of the mountain

They could see all the way to mars

But then the girl said,

“Oh no! I must go!

It’s getting very dark”

And the bear nodded his head, but in sorrow

The girl ran as fast 

As her little feet would carry her

She tried to remember the bear

But it was all just a blur

The bear sat in his cave

Waiting for her to come back to him again

But she did not

And that saddened him

So, if someone’s nice to you

Don’t forget them

Give them something, like a hug

It doesn’t have to be a gem

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