Bouncing Castle Disaster

Article by Teia Louw (Grade 5)  25 July 2018

In England a four-year-old girl died by jumping on a jumping castle. It happened at Great Yarmouth's Gorleston Beach, England on Sunday 1 July 2018. The happy girl was jumping on the jumping castle which, unfortunately had been in the sun all day and was (also unfortunately) one of those which is extra springy like a trampoline so that you jump twice as high. So, the girl was jumping and suddenly the jumping castle, since it was in the sun al day, exploded. The unfortunate girl flew twenty feet into the air and started falling. 

"Witness Kara Longshaw said, "Just seen the most horrific thing in my life. A jumping castle exploded at the beach and a child was catapulted about 20 ft into the air.""

We are all upset and feel for the girl's family.

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