Cellphone addiction

Author: Matilda Williams

 Most people today have a cellphone and if you don’t have one, you probably have a computer, a tablet or an iPad. If you don’t, then good for you. You may be jealous and complain to your parents that everyone else has a cellphone, but you’re better off without one. The reason is that everyone is addicted to them. Even if you claim that you’re not, you are.

So, you are visiting a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time. "Hi!” He says. Then he goes onto his phone and doesn’t speak to you. How would you feel? Not very good, huh? Well this is what the world will become. Some people might say ”Oh, but that can’t be too bad, can it?” they are wrong. If you play on your phone too much it causes brain cells to die. Cellphones and other devices emit UV rays, which can give you skin cancer around the eyelids. Also, phones are very addictive. Many people spend more than 2 hours a day on devices. These screens will even make you eyesight worse!

To make matters worse, this new online game has been going around: the Momo challenge. It’s a horrible game where you are whatsapped by a creepy face to inflict self-harm, and harm to others. This is a downside of having a cellphone- hackers can access it and message you. 

In conclusion, I think people should spend less time on cellphones. When you next see your friend, don’t play Minecraft. Use the imagination, that you have and make up something to do. Build a fort, make a tent or draw! You’ll be way happier.

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