Why is sport good for you?

Author: Matilda Williams

Sport can be fun. Running around with a ball and often your friends can be fun. Many people have favourite sports for different reasons. Maybe you like running because you are fast, or you like soccer because you play in a team. 

Sport also benefits the body and well-being. The more sport you do, the more social and fit you are. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of sport.

1: you improve your social skills  

You learn to work in a team or group and learn to respect the opinions of others. You also learn to cooperate.

2: Your health improves

Some kids nowadays spend all their time on screens: iPads, The Internet, phones and television. But sport helps: you spend less time on screens and more time on sport.

3: you can sleep better

If you have ever been sick for a long time, not being able to do sports for a while, you will notice that you don’t sleep as well. Sport improves the quality of your sleep and will often help you to sleep longer.

Some disadvantages of sport

1: You can get injured

It doesn't happen that often, but when it does, it can be bad. You could fall when running to the ball and graze yourself, or even knock your head, ending in some more serious injuries. That mostly happens in contact sports.

2: the equipment costs money

Not everyone is willing to spend money on sport.

3: It takes up time

Not everyone, especially adults, don’t have time to do sports. It takes up time that people sometimes think, they could be doing work in.

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