The Music in the DSK walls

Article by: Kamogelo Motlhale 6e

The music in the in the DSK walls, by walls I mean how delightful and nice the music in the GISELALANGE is.

The GISELALANGE is like a theater full of rooms. Those rooms are where the music classes and lessons take place. There are compulsory music classes for the whole school as a subject but that’s not what I'm on about. I'm talking about the afterschool lessons where you can do practical's (play an instrument).

There after school classes take place from 2:30pm (and obviously a bit earlier) for the GRUNDSCHULE) and you can choose your own desired instrument, day and time to come. If you don’t have an instrument the school can borrow you as long, as you keep it safe.

Why should you really do music?

Music is a really nice way to help a child concentrate, train the brain and to improve self-discipline (especially classical music). As you can see children tend to listen to music when studying and you might not know music is a huge part in a child's life. That is why music is important to the DSK.

That is why we encourage you to do music.

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