Chameleons and their Manners

Author: Tyron Auras

Chameleons are often misunderstood for changing their colour for blending in with their back round. But that is not true! Chameleons change colour according to their mood or for instance when he sees a mate he turns bright colours like: red, orange, yellow and other wonderful colours. 

By the way, did you now that Madagascar is the Chameleons main habitat and that everything grows three times larger than it does on regular fertilised ground? How it is possible for Chameleons to change colour is that there are tiny crystals in their skin which are connected with the nerves which send messages to their brain which tells all the crystals which colour to change. And did someone ever tell you that Chameleons skin is green? SO NOT TRUE! Chameleon’s skin has different skin layers which contain different pigment. The first layer contains Red, Yellow. The next contains Black and Brown. Also most People think that the chameleon is a demon because they change their colour. So next time you see a chameleon please care for it by giving it some water.

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