Climate change: how to handle it

Author: Matilda Williams

Climate change is a real issue- though some people deny it. In the past week, two things were done to try and stop it. One is a young girl, and the other is a group of people called ‘Extinction Rebellion’. You must decide which one you think will be more effective.

The sixteen-year-old girl

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish teenager who is going to be the youngest person ever to get a Nobel prize- just breaking Malala Yousufzai's record of seventeen- for being a climate activist. She is known for starting the ‘school strike for climate change’. She has done a TedTalk and will soon be talking to important misters around the world. 

The protesters in England

The protesters in England have had a completely different approach. They have glued themselves to buildings and four of them have glued themselves to the gate of Jeremy Corbyn’s house. He does not believe in climate change. They have signs saying things like ‘expect existence or expect resistance’. The protests have been all over the news and television.

Which way of treating climate change is better? It’s your choice how we can change the world.

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