Author: Rohan Ganyeka

Marshmello is the world’s most famous and best DJ in the world (my opinion)! You should check out his videos and concerts. He’s 26 years old and is an American. He wears a helmet that looks like a marshmallow that lights up[1]. Marshmello also wears a white top and pants. His real name is Christopher Comstock. If you think Marshmello sings his songs, HE DOESN’T! He makes the music. He doesn’t have a girlfriend if that’s what you are thinking. Well, in the song “Alone” he had one, but that wasn’t for real. She is his just his friend. If you want to find more about Marshmello, visit the Marshmello website on the internet. BTW his Fortnite username is itsmemarshmello and the Fortnite skin comes every month! His YouTube channel is Marshmello so don’t forget to Subscribe, hit the Notification Bell and send a friend request to him in Fortnite!



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