DSK slim cup

Auther: Imaan Asmal

Every August, the DSK holds its annual girls’ soccer tournament. This year, the event took place on the 2nd day of the month. Local girls’ soccer teams from other schools are invited to play with in the matches to win the tournament. This year the DSK won the tournament, taking the cup. 

Playing the SLIM cup, really made the team work as one. It definitely brought us together too. I think everyone was a bit nervous at first, but as we played, we felt more confident. The support and encouragement we received from parents, students and teachers was amazing.

The whole tournament was so much fun to play and I cannot wait for next year. Here are some comments from the team:

 “It was such a fun event and everyone played so well.” Lily, 6E

“It was an awesome day where we could play soccer and communicate with other schools. We had a lot of fun!” Leni, 8B

“SLIM Cup was such an amazing experience! Everyone on the team is so supportive and kind. We had a lot of fun and it was awesome.” Amelie, 8A

“The SLIM Cup is something I look forward to every year. It is such an amazing experience and so much fun to play against schools. I am really proud of our team and I can’t wait for next year.” Helena, 9B 

“It was my first time, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was fun to play soccer against the other schools and the atmosphere was thrilling.” Rebekka, 8B

“It was ruff at some stages but our team stuck together and brought the trophy back home! We have an amazing coach who supported us no matter what. I could never ask for a better team.” Charlotte, 8B

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