Famous South African legend’s death.

Authors: Gabriella Viljoen, Matilda Williams

Famous South African singer/songwriter Johnny Clegg sadly passed away a few days ago (16 July). He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015, but continued to tour around the world, as this did not affect his voice. He stopped touring in late 2017, because he knew that soon enough, his time would run out. He died on 16 July 2019, age 66 in his home in Johannesburg.

Johnny Clegg performing live

Johnny Clegg was famous for being able to sing like an African, even though he was English, therefore he was nicknamed “The white Zulu”. Johnny Clegg was an anti-apartheid fighter, but rather than actually fighting, he fought through his music. He was even arrested quite a few times for his songs.

Clegg’s mother was Rhodesian, and his father English. His parents got divorced when he was an infant, and he moved to Rhodesia with his mother.

We will always remember him.

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