First pictures of a black hole ever taken!

Author: Matilda Williams

On the ninth of April 2019, an out of this world discovery was made, and it was literally out of this world. The first ever pictures of a black hole were taken.

This is the first photo of a black hole. It is very blurry, but you can make out the hole.

Here are some interesting facts about black holes.

路 They are invisible to the human eye.

路 The one that a photo was taken of is in the centre if the milky way.

路 They distort time. A person going through a black hole will look as if they鈥檙e going slow.

At NASA, how did they take a picture of a black hole if it isn鈥檛 visible to the human eye?

The answer is simple: by looking for the effects of extreme gravity, which pulls stars and gases towards them.

Black holes are still a mystery, even to astrophysicists, and more will be discovered in the future.

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