Freedom Day

Freedom Day Friday the 27th of April celebrates the first post-apartheid elections on that day in 1994. Freedom Day is a public holiday where most people will take a break from work to listen to the presidential speech. Last year Jacob Zuma our former president gave a speech in Manguzi in KwaZulu-Natal. This year our new president Cyril Ramaphosa will announce a speech on Freedom day the 27th of April 2018.

People celebrate this day because they think they've earned freedom, but all they've earned was POLITICAL freedom. South Africa still suffers from poverty. Some people don't have homes, food, water, not even an education. Ms. Kisten an english and history teacher, told one of her classes about how she taught underprivileged schools. Some kids would have headaches in class because they did not have a decent meal in days. Teachers, parents and others have told you about people around the world that do not have homes, but I'm here to tell you again because this is a seriouse problem. So donate to charity, and help the world to stop poverty. Everyone has all the same rights. We should celebrate REAL freedom!

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