Helping our Environment 

Author: Victoria Tredoux

Most of you have heard of the fact that our environment is dying. You probably thought there was nothing you could do to help…if so, that’s not true!

There are many things you can do to help:

Our Planet is our home, and whether you believe in global warming or not, you should not take the chance of it coming true. There are many reasons our world is coming to an end, and most of those reasons, are caused by us, humans, but together we can repair the damage! Help save our planet by:

  • Reusing ! Instead of throwing out that plastic bottle,turn it into an eco brick!if you aren’t sure what that is, another student has written another article on them!

  • Another amazing thing you can do is reduce you’re use of plastic! For example, use Banting, instead of balloons, metal straws instead of plastic ones…and much more!

  • Don’t be a litter bug! Pick up the plastic on the side of the road, and don’t drop any yourself, and of course, stop others from doing so.

  • Reuse the plastic you already have! Turn the plastic you already have! Make art out of them, do arts and crafts with them…just don’t let it go to waist.

  • Spreading awareness.Tell you’re family, friends and even teachers to be aware!

We want to save our earth, but we can’t do it alone!

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