Helping the ones in need

Author: Sofia hawks

Everyone of us is aware of the many people struggling not all are aware of how to help the ones in need.  Imagine, waking up after a restless night of sleep in absolute agony, surrounded by no comfort or any support. Waking up and not being able to go to school as you don’t have a pair of shoes on your feet. There are countless other struggles these people face every day. Homelessness is a common thing in our country. According to Global Homelessness Statistics around 7.5 million people in South Africa lack adequate housing.

Every small deed is one step more to help these people in need of food, a shelter and basic things such as comfort, someone to have a chat with and someone who truly feels the urge to help and make a change. 

Soup from heaven is an organisation which strives to support the homeless in need in Cape Town. They are located in Bellville. Together they have built a soup kitchen, entirely out of shipping containers.

They provide the homeless with food and play with the young children etc.

It isn’t their means to completely change these peoples circumstances yet they want to change their perspective on how they feel about themselves and help them achieve in building some self-worth and hope for a future.

You will find many other organisations as such and your actions toward helping the one in need implement you with feeling gratefulness and humbleness. You will truly learn what things are important in life and its definitely not materialistic things.

If you’d like to find what you can do to help or would like to find out some more about various organisations, click the links bellow.

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