How to spot fake news

Author: Florian Kuehn

Nowadays there is a lot of fake news going around In the World Wide Web. In this article I will show you how to spot it.

These are the steps:

1. Investigate the source,

Check what the goal of the website is and its contact info.

2. Look at the headline,

Sometimes totally outrageous headlines like: Hillary Clinton adopts baby alien from crashed UFO! They write that so more people look at their article.

3. Look if the author is real,

If you don’t find him you know it’s fake.

4. Did other news sources also write about it? 

Search if the info is real and if there are any other sources about it.

5. When was it posted?

Look if the date is accurate, it could be a repost.

6. Is it a joke?

Check if it is too stupid to be real.

7. Ask an expert

Ask someone that knows about these kind of things.

I hope from now on you won’t fall for fake news anymore.

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