Is Harley Quinn Good or Bad?

Author: Nikoletta Zatcarnaia

People usually assume that because Harley Quinn is Jokers girlfriend, people think she’s a bad guy. In most movies Harley Quinn IS a bad guy, but Suicide Squad proved that she isn’t a bad guy. So some people just get confused. If you already don’t know the story about Harley Quinn, then here it is: she was a phsycologist for really crazy people. But, when she saw Joker, she fell in love with him straight away. So that’s the story of Harley Quinn’s ‘’love story’’. But that’s actually the ONLY reason why Harley Quinn is a ‘’bad guy’’. But in a comic of Harley Quinn, it said that there was a period when she wanted to be a good guy. She is also best friends with Catwoman and Poison Ivy, who are also bad guys, but aren’t always. Like there was a time when Catwoman fell in love with Batman. There was also a comic of how Poison Ivy saved a little girl from being killed. So Harley Quinn isn’t necessarily a bad guy. 

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