Litter: It doesn't only look ugly.

Imagine, you are in the place that you dream about, full of beautiful, lush green forests, gleamingly blue lakes and the pure blue sky full of rainbows and puffy white clouds. But, then you look behind you and what do you see? You see an ugly factory, emitting smelly black fumes. You turn around and there is plastic all over your lovely lakeside, people are cutting down those tall trees and suddenly the sky is grey.

This is what life will be like in the next 50 years.

But, all of us are worrying, and worrying won't help! Worrying might only make it worse. It makes the situation seem worse than it actually is.

Litter is something that isn't where it should be. When people throw things on our beaches, they end up in the ocean, harming our animals. What people don't realize is that once the species is gone they're gone! This has not happened once, not two times and not three but over 100!

And, to make matters worse, plastic came in. People have been dumping plastic bags, straws, balloons and chip packets into our ocean and they have affected our environment massively.

Thousands of animals are dying every year, and it's up to us to save them.

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