My Neighbourhood

Author: Oliver van Helden (Grade 8)

This creative piece is dedicated to a place where I spent the earlier parts of my childhood growing up. With its big green leafy trees and wet winters Newlands would emanate a cozy and slightly isolated feeling, especially when everyone was hibernating behind a roaring fire with a hot cup of Coco in hand. Newlands, when not being flooded with rain, was and still is a wonderful place to just take a stroll, an earthy and fresh fragrance invigorating you as you kick acorns across the road.

The thing about Newlands is that everything is in walking distance.  One can go to the movie store to prepare for a lazy day or discover Sushibox to enjoy some delicious Sushi while enjoying a casual game of chess.  One can relish an early morning Croissant at Mellissa’s or aquire some lovely deserts at Cassis for your dinner party.  If one feels that they need to be close to nature they can head up to the resident forest to admire the towering pines and enjoy a rewarding hike that will lead them to the colourful gardens of Kisternbosch! On the other hand should one feel they need some heart to heart time with their credit card, they can take advantage of the opportunities Cavendish Square, one of the major shopping malls in Cape Town, has to offer.

People who have kids and wish to settle down are particularly lucky as many reputable schools are in the area such as SACS or Westerford. Gaining such proximity saves parents from spending extra time in the car while also granting their kids independence. Newlands is also an ideal place to retire because despite being so well connected there still many parts of it which are tranquil and undisturbed.  But go realise the beauty of Newlands yourself as that is the only true-way to realise its spledour.

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