Ocean Pollution

As we all know, the ocean is polluted, and plastic bags, bottles and straws are polluting the ocean, hurting the marine life and gradually poisoning us! 

On the 23rd April at assembly, a guest speaker talked to us about the conservation of the ocean, and she said that the Two Oceans Aquarium had started 2 programs called "straws suck" and "ban the bag".

She told us that turtles are mistaking plastic bags for jellyfish, and many have died from eating them. The plastic in the ocean is also poisonous so when the fish eat it, then we eat the fish, so the consequence is us eventually dying out from food poisoning.

Think about it. When we pollute, everything eventually comes back to us!

What we can do is to STOP BUYING PLASTIC BOTTLES and USING STRAWS. When you go shopping, bring your own bag. It is a simple thing to do but it makes a difference.

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