One strange rock – a different perspective of the world around us.

Author: Gabriella Viljoen

Has your mind ever ventured past the comfort of your ordinary life? Have you ever wondered about the world around you? If you have, this incredible series is definitely for you. Bursting with interesting facts, unusual points of view and detailed explanations, one strange rock is an amazing experience for people of all ages.

Here are some intriguing facts that I picked up while watching one strange rock:

  • The amazon rainforest is not actually the earths lungs – we don’t even breath its oxygen.

  • If the asteroid that made the dinosaurs extinct landed a few seconds later we would not be alive – the dinosaurs would.

  • If we were eight seconds closer or eight seconds further away from the sun, we would be dead.

You can learn these and more interesting facts from watching one strange rock. You can find it on Netflix.

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