PewDiePie vs T-Series

Author: Rohan Ganyeka

PewDiePie vs T-Series was an online competition between two YouTube channels, PewDiePie (run by Felix Kjellberg) and T-Series (an Indian record company run by Bhushan Kumar), for the title of the most-subscribed channel on YouTube. T-Series has held the title of most-viewed channel since early 2017, and PewDiePie had been the most-subscribed channel since 2013. T-Series has temporarily overtaken PewDiePie on numerous occasions in 2019, and on 27 March 2019, they became the most subscribed channel for five consecutive days before PewDiePie retook the lead. After that, PewDiePie held the lead for 2 weeks, before T-Series came back as the most subscribed channel on YouTube. As of 12 May 2019, T-Series continues to hold the title as the most subscribed channel on YouTube, with a lead of over 2 million subscribers. On 28 April, PewDiePie released a video calling for his supporters to end their efforts to keep him as the most subscribed channel, and with the significant lead now held by T-Series, the entire subscriber battle is generally presumed to have ended.

Many YouTubers have voiced their support for PewDiePie. The most prominent of them is MrBeast, who made many videos using noticeable methods to persuade more people to subscribe to PewDiePie. Many of PewDiePie's fans have made efforts to gain subscribers for his channel through numerous methods, the most popular one being flyposting. Supporters of PewDiePie often use the slogan "Subscribe to PewDiePie". The activism of some PewDiePie supporters has extended beyond legal grounds; vandalism, hackings of websites, social media accounts, personal devices and the creation of malware, among other things, have taken place in order to tell users to subscribe to his channel.

I think PewDiePie should win so please subscribe to his channel and put on notifications! That would be a great help to his channel! Or if you don’t like him, subscribe to T-Series! Or if you don’t want to subscribe to any of them, then don’t subscribe at all! Maybe you guys can tell me who you subscribed to!

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