Thailand - The place for everyone!

Author: Gabi Viljoen

Whether you’re a business freak or a surfer dude/dudette, or maybe you are just a simple country lad you will LOVE Thailand with a capital L. (The rest of the letters are also capital because you will love it so much).

Thailand offers so many things to do for so many different people. Here are some examples:

Business nerds

You guys are in luck; Bangkok, the busiest city in Thailand and the capital city. It is a booming metropolis of business. Your product will sell out soon enough!

Surfers/Beach lovers

Thailand is the literal definition of “Beautiful beaches”. It has great waves on some beaches, great waves for surfers. If you are more a tropical chill type, there’s plenty for you too.

Country peeps

If you just love the countryside, but have no ideas on where to go for the holidays, Thailand is perfect for you. Thailand is so nice and green, and there are many nice hikes to do alone or with your family.

Thailand is so safe, and a beautiful place to go on vacation. My experience there was truly magical.

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