The arrival of the SA Agulhas II.

Author: Victoria Tredoux

The SA Agulhas is an ice breaking ship, and can drive through up to a 1m thick layer of ice easily. Made in 2012, it replaced the original ice breaking Agulhas,by doing an even better job!

Aboard The SA Agulhas II.

Who was there:scientists, glaciologists, marine biologists, oceanographers and marine archaeologists,

All one one ship to visit Antarctica.

Some, where there to see the ice shelves Larsen C in particular,(Ice shelves are permanent floating sheets of ice that connect to a landmass, and they can be found mostly in Antarctica, but also in Greenland, Russia and Canada ) on Weddell sea

and others there to find “Endurance “ a ship that was crushed, and sunk because of ice in 1915, only three years after she was made.

The SA Agulhas II docked in Cape Town on The 15th of March, after completing an "unprecedented" expedition to one of the most cold, remote and inhospitable parts of the planet. The Ship left Sunny Capetown on the 6th of December,2018 but only started the expedition on January the 1st 2019. Unfortunately

, they did not find the ship ”Endurance”,But they where still upbeat, and not to disappointed.

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