The concert hall

The hall is filled with emptiness. The air is dry and far away the noise of a mumbling crowd can be heard. Their steps silently approach; one can feel the repressed excitement in their heads. As they enter the impressively large hall, their eyes start exploring the plenty golden wall ornaments and paintings, the glowing red seat rows and deep down - barely visible – the orchestra. Like adult children, their usually serious looks are replaced with gazes of amazement.

Eventually, the crowd is seated. The noise gradually vanishes in the people’s awe. Everyone is by themselves again – in their minds, awaiting the beginning of the concert. Suddenly the lights dim and the instruments are being tuned. Starting with the violins and violas, the tuning slowly turns into an organized chaos of sounds. The seemingly endless labyrinth of sounds becomes quiet again and the air feels heavy on one’s ears.

Then it starts. First as a deep growl, then a sharp scream. Somehow all the different voices form one powerful piece. The instruments work together to create the beauty of music. The audience forgets about the everyday struggles and gets lost in the melody. One can see the variety of colours, the pitches create a painting that everyone seems to perceive differently. Hours go by, but they are still hooked to the piece

After the concert the magic isn’t lost. Every single one of them carries home a truly subjective, individual experience, memory and emotion.

Kira Hansen Gr8

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