The Seasons Poems

Author: Matilda Williams


Snow falling softly like a feather

Rainy, cloudy and miserable weather

But inside a cozy house

Children are sleeping, snug as a mouse

A fire, warm but mighty is burning

Creating warmth while the earth is turning

Christmas lights illuminate the streets

While we are eating delicious treats

Ice skating on frozen lakes

Drinking hot chocolate ‘til your tummy aches

Waiting for a warmer something

Which is called Spring


Flowers of all colours blooming

Mothers helping young with grooming

Apricots, avocados and strawberries too

The trees are green, and the sky is blue

The weather is warm but not too hot

Perfect for finding a picturesque picnic spot

Pleasant weather for a beach vacation

Or an extra special day or occasion

Seldom it rains, which keeps everything green

The oceans are a lovely aquamarine 

In Spring, it’s impossible to be glum

But now we have Summer to overcome


Throughout 3 months, all is dry

Everything is waterless to the eye

But the weather is good for swimming

Though the pools are not exactly brimming

The weather is great for going to the beach

Tanning on the sand is not the sand is not a breach

The air is humid

And that is lucid

Sun is bright, such scorching heat

Until you’re in the pool, you don’t feel complete

Summer came and went, and was very welcome

Now, we move on to Autumn


Leaves of orange red and brown

Autumn has arrived in this little town

Almost all the trees have lost their leaves 

Except for the evergreen trees

The breeze is warm, but has a certain chill

And when the first rains come, it’s quite a thrill

Jumping leaves brings lots of joy

Almost better than a brand new toy

The weather’s cloudy, and windy too

When the weather’s bad, you could catch a flu

In autumn, leaves cover the ground like a sheet

And now, the 4 seasons repeat

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