The storm

It was a cold winter night. The wind was howling. The clouds began to transform into grey beasts full of destruction and rage. My tiny little house cowering at the hands of these massive beasts. A thundering sound could be heard approaching my garden. The flowers as if they were frightened by the storm, shyly hid away in their petals. The trees swayed like nervous children. Then came the rain. It poured down like it was a weapon of the clouds, flooding the streets below. My windows were beat-up by the violent rain. They shattered into millions of tiny little shards of glass. I screamed at the sight of a bolt of lightning painfully electrifying an innocent bush. I quickly wrapped myself in my warm duvet providing a feeling of safety. I had to defeat my fears and face the wild storm.

I reached the door and it flung open. The bush that had been electrified now just a pile of dust. My beautiful garden had been destroyed. A split second later everything stopped, the clouds began changing back to their usual white and everything was still. My teacher Mr Charles called me and I was in my classroom, sitting at my desk, staring at my teacher, with a strange expression on his face. I had been daydreaming.

Written by: Maya Degenhardt

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