Top 5 Netflix Movies

Author: Nicoletta Zatcarnaia


Here are your next ‘’Top 5’’ list to watch on Netflix. So people usually scroll down on Netflix and are really confused about what to watch and eventually get frustrated. So I personally thought that Netflix is really popular and it would help if I would make this list. 

#1 Pee-wee’s big holiday, genre-comedy. This is a really good comedy that is approved for all ages and is interesting and funny.

#2 Christmas Chronicles, genre- adventure +comedy. This a funny, nice, interesting movie that will make you: intrigued, laughing and smiling. 

#3 The Babysitter, a funny but gruesome comedy/horror movie. WARNING: 13+

#4 Bird Box, a really stressful thriller that will keep you bouncing up and down wanting to know what happens! WARNING: 16+

#5 Velvet Buzzsaw, a twisted, intriguing movie that will includes art, thriller and gruesome content. WARNING: 16+

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