What will happen in the future?

Author: Matilda Williams

We have had a chaotic past: 2 world wars, and many others for that matter. It looks like we also have a rocky future, with climate change and pollution gradually taking over. Many animals are going extinct, and the ocean water is packed with plastic. I have written many articles about the world’s problems, and I am not going to stop. People need to be aware of the world’s problems! Based on these articles, I have made a prediction on what will happen by 2060. 

So, imagine a park. You are walking through this park on a path, walking your dog. Your dog suddenly stops and trots off to the side of the path. You follow your dog with your gaze and remember as you see the plastic on the side of the path, how polluted the world is. Calling for your dog to get out of the plastic, you remember when the world was clean. A time when pollution was only starting to become a big thing. A time when there were pandas, orangutans, elephants and rhinos.

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