The parrot

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Author: Gabriella Viljoen

As the sun chases the moon away

The sky floods with the light of day.

The jungle awakens, and opens its eyes

To the splendid fury of the morning sunrise.

The parrot, king of the jungle

Is perched up on its mossy throne.

Smiling down at the rest of its world

As though it is its own.

Many people don’t notice it

Because its beauty hides.

Within the lush greenery

Of the jungle that our earth provides.

I adore the parrot 

Because it’s filled with glee.

Talkative, proud and bright

It’s always so happy.

With its rainbow of feathers, 

And its colourful crown.

It’s as graceful as a swan,

When its gliding down.

As swift as the wind

Yet majestic and bold.

It chatters away

In the heat or the cold.

It is a unicorn

In a field or horses.

Swooping around 

Its many courses.

Dancing, prancing

Frolicking around.

It leaps from the branch

And floats to the ground.

The parrot has a cheeky

Gleam in its eye

Squawking, talking,

To the night sky.

With a swish of its wings

And a swoosh of its tail

It vanished

Without leaving a trail.

As wild as the African sun,

Yet mysterious as the rain.

The parrot has vanished

Never to be seen again.

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